AWS Batch

Tags: Data, Integration, AWS, Advanced

Executing Batch Job

Flyte backend can be connected with batch. Once enabled, it allows you to run regular task on AWS batch.

This section provides a guide on how to use the AWS Batch Plugin using flytekit python.


To use the flytekit batch plugin simply run the following:

pip install flytekitplugins-awsbatch

Configuring the backend to get AWS Batch working

Follow this guide to setting up the AWS Batch Plugin

Quick Start

This plugin allows you to run batch tasks on AWS and only requires you to change a few lines of code. We can then move workflow execution from Kubernetes to AWS.

config = AWSBatch(
    parameters={"codec": "mp4"},
    retryStrategy={"attempts": 10},
    tags={"hello": "world"},
    timeout={"attemptDurationSeconds": 60},

def t1(a: int) -> str:
    return str(a)