flytekit.experimental.map_task(task_function, concurrency=None, min_success_ratio=1.0, **kwargs)[source]

Map task that uses the ArrayNode construct..


This is an experimental drop-in replacement for map_task().

  • task_function (PythonFunctionTask) – This argument is implicitly passed and represents the repeatable function

  • concurrency (int | None) – If specified, this limits the number of mapped tasks than can run in parallel to the given batch size. If the size of the input exceeds the concurrency value, then multiple batches will be run serially until all inputs are processed. If set to 0, this means unbounded concurrency. If left unspecified, this means the array node will inherit parallelism from the workflow

  • min_success_ratio (float) – If specified, this determines the minimum fraction of total jobs which can complete successfully before terminating this task and marking it successful.