Flyte is an ambitious open source project and would not be possible without an amazing community. We are a completely open community and strive to treat every member with respect. You will find the community welcoming and responsive!

Please join us on:

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Open Source Community Meeting#

When: every other Tuesday, 9:00 AM Pacific Time. You’re welcome to join and learn from other community members sharing their experiences with Flyte or any other technology from the AI ecosystem. Check out the event details and add it to your calendar, or just pop in!

Zoom Link

Office Hours#

Book a 30 minutes session with a Flyte maintainer and get your questions answered!

Schedule your session depending on the topic to secure the availability of a maintainer with expertise in the area:

  • 7:00a.m. PT:
    • Anything flytekit-related

    • Flyte releases

    • flytepropeller features

    • Plugin implementation

    • Platform configuration

  • 1:00p.m. PT:
    • Flyte deployment, auth

  • 9:00p.m. PT:
    • Flytekit-related

    • Use cases

    • Getting started (workflow onboarding)

    • Integrations


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Slack guidelines#

Flyte strives to build and maintain an open, inclusive, productive and self-governing open source community. In consequence, we expect all community members to respect the following guidelines:

Abide by the LF’s Code of Conduct#

As a Linux Foundation project, we must enforce the rules that govern professional and positive open source communities.

Avoid using DMs and @mentions#

Whenever possible, post your questions and responses in public channels so other Community Members can benefit from the conversation and outcomes. Exceptions to this are when you need to share private or sensible information. In such a case, the outcome should still be shared publicly. Limit the use of @mentions of other Community Members to be considerate of notification noise.

Make use of threads#

Threads help us keep conversations contained and organized, reducing the time it takes to give you the support you need.

Thread best practices:

  • Don’t break your question into multiple messages. Put everything in one.

  • For long questions, write a few sentences in the first message, and put the rest in a thread.

  • If there’s a code snippet (more than 5 lines of code), put it inside the thread.

  • Avoid using the “Also send to channel” feature unless it’s really necessary.

  • If your question contains multiple questions, make sure to break them into multiple messages, so each could be answered in a separate thread.

Do not post the same question across multiple channels#

If you consider that question needs to be shared on other channels, ask it once and then indicate explicitly that you’re cross-posting.

If you’re having a tough time getting the support you need (or aren’t sure where to go!), please DM @David Espejo(he/him) or @Samhita Alla for support.

Do not solicit members of our Slack#

The Flyte Community exists to collaborate with, learn from, and support one another. It is not a space to pitch your products or services directly to our members via public channels, private channels, or direct messages.

We are excited to have a growing presence from vendors to help answer questions from Community Members as they may arise, but we have a strict 3-strike policy against solicitation:

  • First occurrence: We’ll give you a friendly but public reminder that the behavior is inappropriate according to our guidelines.

  • Second occurrence: We’ll send you a DM warning that any additional violations will result in removal from the community.

  • Third occurrence: We’ll delete or ban your account.

We reserve the right to ban users without notice if they are clearly spamming our Community Members.

If you want to promote a product or service, go to the #shameless-promotion channel and make sure to follow these rules:

  • Don’t post more than two promotional posts per week

  • Non-relevant topics aren’t allowed

Messages that don’t follow these rules will be deleted.