Tags: Basic, Glossary

Executions are instances of workflows, nodes or tasks created in the system as a result of a user-requested execution or a scheduled execution.

Typical Flow Using Flytectl

  • When an execution of a workflow is triggered using UI/Flytecli/other stateless systems, the system first calls the getLaunchPlan endpoint and retrieves a launch plan matching the given version. The launch plan definition includes definitions of all input variables declared for the workflow.

  • The user-side component then ensures that all the required inputs are supplied and requests the FlyteAdmin service for an execution.

  • The FlyteAdmin service validates the inputs, ensuring that they are all specified and, if required, within the declared bounds.

  • FlyteAdmin then fetches the previously validated and compiled workflow closure and translates it to an executable format with all the inputs.

  • This executable workflow is launched on Kubernetes with an execution record in the database.