Flyte fundamentals

This section of the documentation will take you through the fundamental concepts of Flyte: tasks, workflows, and launch plans.

You’ll learn about the full development lifecycle of creating a project, registering workflows, and running them on a demo Flyte cluster. These guides will also walk you through how to visualize artifacts associated with tasks, optimize them for scale and performance, and extend Flyte for your own use cases.

🔀 Tasks, workflows and launch plans

Create tasks as building blocks, compose them into workflows, and schedule them with launch plans.

🗄 Registering workflows

Develop and deploy workflows to a local Flyte demo cluster.

⏱ Running and scheduling workflows

Execute workflows programmatically and schedule them as cron jobs.

📊 Visualizing task input and output

Create rich, customizable static reports for increased visibility into tasks.

🏎 Optimizing tasks

Make tasks scalable, performant, and robust to unexpected failures.

🔌 Extending Flyte

Customize Flyte types and tasks to fit your needs.

Learn more

For a comprehensive view of all of Flyte’s functionality, see the User Guide, and to learn how to deploy a production Flyte cluster, see the Deployment Guide.