Sensor Agent#

Sensor enables users to continuously check for a file or a condition to be met periodically.

When the condition is met, the sensor will complete.

This guide provides an overview of how to set up Sensor in your Flyte deployment.

Spin up a cluster#

You can spin up a demo cluster using the following command:

flytectl demo start

Or install Flyte using the flyte-binary helm chart.


Add the Flyte chart repo to Helm if you’re installing via the Helm charts.

helm repo add flyteorg

Specify agent configuration#

Enable the Sensor agent by adding the following config to the relevant YAML file(s):

Edit the relevant YAML file to specify the agent.

kubectl edit configmap flyte-sandbox-config -n flyte
      - container
      - sidecar
      - k8s-array
      - agent-service
      - container: container
      - container_array: k8s-array
      - sensor: agent-service

    - sensor

Upgrade the deployment#

kubectl rollout restart deployment flyte-sandbox -n flyte

Wait for the upgrade to complete.

You can check the status of the deployment pods by running the following command:

kubectl get pods -n flyte

For sensor plugin on the Flyte cluster, please refer to Sensor Plugin Example