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Flytekit python natively supports many data types, including a FlyteSchema type for type-annotating pandas dataframes. The flytekit pandera plugin provides an alternative for defining dataframe schemas by integrating with pandera, which is a runtime data validation tool for pandas dataframes.


pip install flytekitplugins-pandera

Quick Start

Pandera provides a flexible and expressive interface for defining schemas for tabular data, where you can define the types and other statistical properties of a column.

import pandas as pd
import pandera as pa
from pandera.typing import DataFrame, Series

class Schema(pa.SchemaModel):
    column_1: Series[int] = pa.Field(ge=0)
    column_2: Series[float] = pa.Field(gt=0, lt=100)
    column_3: Series[str] = pa.Field(str_startswith="prefix")

    def check_str_length(cls, series):
        return series.str.len() > 5

def processing_fn(df: DataFrame[Schema]) -> DataFrame[Schema]:
    df["column_1"] = df["column_1"] * 2
    df["column_2"] = df["column_2"] * 0.5
    df["column_3"] = df["column_3"] + "_suffix"
    return df

raw_df = pd.DataFrame({
   "column_1": [1, 2, 3],
   "column_2": [1.5, 2.21, 3.9],
   "column_3": ["prefix_a", "prefix_b", "prefix_c"],
processed_df = processing_fn(raw_df)
   column_1  column_2  column_3
0         2     0.750  prefix_a_suffix
1         4     1.105  prefix_b_suffix
2         6     1.950  prefix_c_suffix

Informative errors are raised if invalid data is passed into processing_fn, indicating the failure case and the index where they were found in the dataframe:

invalid_df = pd.DataFrame({
   "column_1": [-1, 2, -3],
   "column_2": [1.5, 2.21, 3.9],
   "column_3": ["prefix_a", "prefix_b", "prefix_c"],
Traceback (most recent call last):
pandera.errors.SchemaError: error in check_types decorator of function 'processing_fn': <Schema Column(name=column_1, type=<class 'int'>)> failed element-wise validator 0:
<Check greater_than_or_equal_to: greater_than_or_equal_to(0)>
failure cases:
   index  failure_case
0      0            -1
1      2            -3

Using Pandera with Flytekit Python