Snowflake agent

This guide provides an overview of how to set up the Snowflake agent in your Flyte deployment.

  1. Set up the key pair authentication in Snowflake. For more details, see the Snowflake key-pair authentication and key-pair rotation guide.

  2. Create a secret with the group “snowflake” and the key “private_key”. For more details, see “Using Secrets in a Task”.

kubectl create secret generic snowflake-private-key --namespace=flytesnacks-development --from-file=your_private_key_above

Specify agent configuration

Edit the relevant YAML file to specify the agent.

kubectl edit configmap flyte-sandbox-config -n flyte
      - container
      - sidecar
      - k8s-array
      - agent-service
      - container: container
      - container_array: k8s-array
      - snowflake: agent-service

    - snowflake

Ensure that the propeller has the correct service account for BigQuery.

Upgrade the Flyte Helm release

helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> flyteorg/flyte-binary -n <YOUR_NAMESPACE> --values <YOUR_YAML_FILE>

Replace <RELEASE_NAME> with the name of your release (e.g., flyte-backend), <YOUR_NAMESPACE> with the name of your namespace (e.g., flyte), and <YOUR_YAML_FILE> with the name of your YAML file.

For Snowflake agent on the Flyte cluster, see Snowflake agent.