Inspecting executions


Flytectl supports inspecting execution by retrieving its details. For a deeper dive, refer to the API reference guide.

Monitor the execution by providing the execution id from create command which can be task or workflow execution.

flytectl get execution -p flytesnacks -d development <execid>

For more details use --details flag which shows node executions along with task executions on them.

flytectl get execution -p flytesnacks -d development <execid> --details

If you prefer to see yaml/json view for the details then change the output format using the -o flag.

flytectl get execution -p flytesnacks -d development <execid> --details -o yaml

To see the results of the execution you can inspect the node closure outputUri in detailed yaml output.

"outputUri": "s3://my-s3-bucket/metadata/propeller/flytesnacks-development-<execid>/n0/data/0/outputs.pb"


With FlyteRemote, you can fetch the inputs and outputs of executions and inspect them.

from flytekit.remote import FlyteRemote

# FlyteRemote object is the main entrypoint to API
remote = FlyteRemote(

execution = remote.fetch_execution(
    name="fb22e306a0d91e1c6000", project="flytesnacks", domain="development"

input_keys = execution.inputs.keys()
output_keys = execution.outputs.keys()

# The inputs and outputs correspond to the top-level execution or the workflow itself.
# To fetch a specific output, say, a model file:
model_file = execution.outputs["model_file"]
with open(model_file) as f:

# You can use FlyteRemote.sync() to sync the entity object's state with the remote state during the execution run.
synced_execution = remote.sync(execution, sync_nodes=True)
node_keys = synced_execution.node_executions.keys()

# node_executions will fetch all the underlying node executions recursively.
# To fetch output of a specific node execution:
node_execution_output = synced_execution.node_executions["n1"].outputs["model_file"]