flytectl delete cluster-resource-attribute

Deletes matchable resources of cluster attributes.


Delete cluster resource attributes for the given project and domain, in combination with the workflow name.

For project flytesnacks and development domain, run:

flytectl delete cluster-resource-attribute -p flytesnacks -d development

To delete cluster resource attribute using the config file that was used to create it, run:

flytectl delete cluster-resource-attribute --attrFile cra.yaml

For example, here’s the config file cra.yaml:

domain: development
project: flytesnacks
  foo: "bar"
  buzz: "lightyear"

Attributes are optional in the file, which are unread during the ‘delete’ command but can be retained since the same file can be used for ‘get’, ‘update’ and ‘delete’ commands.

To delete cluster resource attribute for the workflow ‘core.control_flow.merge_sort.merge_sort’, run:

flytectl delete cluster-resource-attribute -p flytesnacks -d development core.control_flow.merge_sort.merge_sort


flytectl delete cluster-resource-attribute [flags]


    --attrFile string   attribute file name to be used for delete attribute for the resource type.
    --dryRun            execute command without making any modifications.
-h, --help              help for cluster-resource-attribute

Options inherited from parent commands

    --admin.audience string                        Audience to use when initiating OAuth2 authorization requests.
    --admin.authType string                        Type of OAuth2 flow used for communicating with admin.ClientSecret, Pkce, ExternalCommand are valid values (default "ClientSecret")
    --admin.authorizationHeader string             Custom metadata header to pass JWT
    --admin.authorizationServerUrl string          This is the URL to your IdP's authorization server. It'll default to Endpoint
    --admin.caCertFilePath string                  Use specified certificate file to verify the admin server peer.
    --admin.clientId string                        Client ID (default "flytepropeller")
    --admin.clientSecretEnvVar string              Environment variable containing the client secret
    --admin.clientSecretLocation string            File containing the client secret (default "/etc/secrets/client_secret")
    --admin.command strings                        Command for external authentication token generation
    --admin.defaultServiceConfig string
    --admin.deviceFlowConfig.pollInterval string   amount of time the device flow would poll the token endpoint if auth server doesn't return a polling interval. Okta and google IDP do return an interval' (default "5s")
    --admin.deviceFlowConfig.refreshTime string    grace period from the token expiry after which it would refresh the token. (default "5m0s")
    --admin.deviceFlowConfig.timeout string        amount of time the device flow should complete or else it will be cancelled. (default "10m0s")
    --admin.endpoint string                        For admin types,  specify where the uri of the service is located.
    --admin.httpProxyURL string                    OPTIONAL: HTTP Proxy to be used for OAuth requests.
    --admin.insecure                               Use insecure connection.
    --admin.insecureSkipVerify                     InsecureSkipVerify controls whether a client verifies the server's certificate chain and host name. Caution : shouldn't be use for production usecases'
    --admin.maxBackoffDelay string                 Max delay for grpc backoff (default "8s")
    --admin.maxRetries int                         Max number of gRPC retries (default 4)
    --admin.perRetryTimeout string                 gRPC per retry timeout (default "15s")
    --admin.pkceConfig.refreshTime string          grace period from the token expiry after which it would refresh the token. (default "5m0s")
    --admin.pkceConfig.timeout string              Amount of time the browser session would be active for authentication from client app. (default "2m0s")
    --admin.scopes strings                         List of scopes to request
    --admin.tokenRefreshWindow string              Max duration between token refresh attempt and token expiry. (default "0s")
    --admin.tokenUrl string                        OPTIONAL: Your IdP's token endpoint. It'll be discovered from flyte admin's OAuth Metadata endpoint if not provided.
    --admin.useAudienceFromAdmin                   Use Audience configured from admins public endpoint config.
    --admin.useAuth                                Deprecated: Auth will be enabled/disabled based on admin's dynamically discovered information.
-c, --config string                                config file (default is $HOME/.flyte/config.yaml)
    --console.endpoint string                      Endpoint of console,  if different than flyte admin
-d, --domain string                                Specifies the Flyte project's domain.
    --files.archive                                Pass in archive file either an http link or local path.
    --files.assumableIamRole string                Custom assumable iam auth role to register launch plans with.
    --files.continueOnError                        Continue on error when registering files.
    --files.destinationDirectory string            Location of source code in container.
    --files.dryRun                                 Execute command without making any modifications.
    --files.enableSchedule                         Enable the schedule if the files contain schedulable launchplan.
    --files.force                                  Force use of version number on entities registered with flyte.
    --files.k8ServiceAccount string                Deprecated. Please use --K8sServiceAccount
    --files.k8sServiceAccount string               Custom kubernetes service account auth role to register launch plans with.
    --files.outputLocationPrefix string            Custom output location prefix for offloaded types (files/schemas).
    --files.sourceUploadPath string                Deprecated: Update flyte admin to avoid having to configure storage access from flytectl.
    --files.version string                         Version of the entity to be registered with flyte which are un-versioned after serialization.
    --logger.formatter.type string                 Sets logging format type. (default "json")
    --logger.level int                             Sets the minimum logging level. (default 3)
    --logger.mute                                  Mutes all logs regardless of severity. Intended for benchmarks/tests only.                           Includes source code location in logs.
-o, --output string                                Specifies the output type - supported formats [TABLE JSON YAML DOT DOTURL]. NOTE: dot, doturl are only supported for Workflow (default "TABLE")
-p, --project string                               Specifies the Flyte project.
    --storage.cache.max_size_mbs int               Maximum size of the cache where the Blob store data is cached in-memory. If not specified or set to 0,  cache is not used
    --storage.cache.target_gc_percent int          Sets the garbage collection target percentage.
    --storage.connection.access-key string         Access key to use. Only required when authtype is set to accesskey.
    --storage.connection.auth-type string          Auth Type to use [iam, accesskey]. (default "iam")
    --storage.connection.disable-ssl               Disables SSL connection. Should only be used for development.
    --storage.connection.endpoint string           URL for storage client to connect to.
    --storage.connection.region string             Region to connect to. (default "us-east-1")
    --storage.connection.secret-key string         Secret to use when accesskey is set.
    --storage.container string                     Initial container (in s3 a bucket) to create -if it doesn't exist-.'
    --storage.defaultHttpClient.timeout string     Sets time out on the http client. (default "0s")
    --storage.enable-multicontainer                If this is true,  then the container argument is overlooked and redundant. This config will automatically open new connections to new containers/buckets as they are encountered
    --storage.limits.maxDownloadMBs int            Maximum allowed download size (in MBs) per call. (default 2)
    --storage.stow.config stringToString           Configuration for stow backend. Refer to github/flyteorg/stow (default [])
    --storage.stow.kind string                     Kind of Stow backend to use. Refer to github/flyteorg/stow
    --storage.type string                          Sets the type of storage to configure [s3/minio/local/mem/stow]. (default "s3")


  • flytectl delete - Terminates/deletes various Flyte resources such as executions and resource attributes.