Google BigQuery Plugin#

This guide provides an overview of setting up BigQuery in your Flyte deployment. Please note that the BigQuery plugin requires Flyte deployment in the GCP cloud; it is not compatible with demo/AWS/Azure.

Set up the GCP Flyte cluster#

Specify plugin configuration#

Edit the relevant YAML file to specify the plugin.

      - container
      - sidecar
      - k8s-array
      - bigquery
      - container: container
      - container_array: k8s-array
      - bigquery_query_job_task: bigquery

Ensure that the propeller has the correct service account for BigQuery.

Upgrade the Flyte Helm release#

helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> flyteorg/flyte-binary -n <YOUR_NAMESPACE> --values <YOUR_YAML_FILE>

Replace <RELEASE_NAME> with the name of your release (e.g., flyte-backend), <YOUR_NAMESPACE> with the name of your namespace (e.g., flyte), and <YOUR_YAML_FILE> with the name of your YAML file.