Running a Task#

This is multi-steps process as well where we create an execution spec file, update the spec file and then create the execution. More details can be found here

Generate execution spec file

flytectl get tasks -d development -p flytectldemo core.advanced.run_merge_sort.merge  --latest --execFile exec_spec.yaml

Update the input spec file for arguments to the workflow

iamRoleARN: 'arn:aws:iam::12345678:role/defaultrole'
  - 2
  - 4
  - 6
  - 1
  - 3
  - 5
kubeServiceAcct: ""
targetDomain: ""
targetProject: ""
task: core.advanced.run_merge_sort.merge
version: "v1"

Create execution using the exec spec file

flytectl create execution -p flytesnacks -d development --execFile exec_spec.yaml

Monitor the execution by providing the execution id from create command

flytectl get execution -p flytesnacks -d development <execid>

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