Flyte backend can be connected with snowflake service. Once enabled it can allow you to query a snowflake service. This section will provide how to use the Snowflake Query Plugin using flytekit python.


To use the flytekit snowflake plugin simply run the following:

pip install flytekitplugins-snowflake

No Need of a dockerfile#

This plugin is purely a spec. Since SQL is completely portable there is no need to build a Docker container.

Configuring the backend to get snowflake working#

  1. Make sure to add “snowflake” in tasks.task-plugins.enabled-plugin in enabled_plugins.yaml

  2. Add snowflake JWT token to Flytepropeller. here to see more detail to setup snowflake JWT token.

kubectl edit secret -n flyte flyte-propeller-auth

Configuration will be like below

apiVersion: v1
  client_secret: Zm9vYmFy
kind: Secret
  annotations: flyte flyte

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