FlyteInteractive Jupyter Decorator#

The @jupyter task decorator launches and monitors a Jupyter notebook server.


1. Add the @jupyter decorator to a task function definition#

The @jupyter decorator takes the following optional parameters:

  • max_idle_seconds: Optional[int] (default 36000)

  • port: Optional[int] (default 8888)

  • enable: Optional[bool] (default True)

  • notebook_dir: Optional[str] (default “/root”)

  • pre_execute: Optional[Callable] (default None)

  • post_execute: Optional[Callable], (default None)

from flytekit import task, workflow
from flytekitplugins.flyteinteractive import jupyter

def jupyter_task():
    print("opened notebook")

def wf():

if __name__ == "__main__":

2. Connect to the Jupyter notebook server#

You can connect in two ways:

  • (Recommended) Expose a URL on the Flyte console. Set up ingress on the Flyte backend to expose a URL on the Flyte console. Details are to be determined (TBD).

  • Use port forwarding. To use port forwarding, execute the following command:

    $ kubectl port-forward <pod name> <port>

    Then, open a browser and navigate to localhost:<port>, replacing <port> with the port number configured above. You should be presented with the Jupyter notebook interface.