<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>, override_mode=None)[source]

Will return a reader or writer depending on the mode of the object when created. This mode can be overridden, but will depend on whether the override can be performed. For example, if the Object was created in a read-mode a “write mode” override is not allowed. if the object was created in write-mode, a read is allowed.

  • dataframe_fmt (type) – Type of the dataframe for example pandas.DataFrame etc

  • override_mode (Optional[flytekit.types.schema.types.SchemaOpenMode]) – overrides the default mode (Read, Write) SchemaOpenMode.READ, SchemaOpenMode.Write So if you have written to a schema and want to re-open it for reading, you can use this mode. A ReadOnly Schema object cannot be opened in write mode.

Return type

Union[flytekit.types.schema.types.SchemaReader, flytekit.types.schema.types.SchemaWriter]