class flytekit.core.data_persistence.DataPersistencePlugins[source]

DataPersistencePlugins is the core plugin registry that stores all DataPersistence plugins. To add a new plugin use

DataPersistencePlugins.register_plugin("s3:/", DataPersistence(), force=True|False)

These plugins should always be registered. Follow the plugin registration guidelines to auto-discover your plugins.


classmethod find_plugin(path)[source]

Returns a plugin for the given protocol, else raise a TypeError


path (str) –

Return type


classmethod is_supported_protocol(protocol)[source]

Returns true if the given protocol is has a registered plugin for it


protocol (str) –

Return type


classmethod print_all_plugins()[source]

Prints all the plugins and their associated protocoles

classmethod register_plugin(protocol, plugin, force=False)[source]

Registers the supplied plugin for the specified protocol if one does not already exist. If one exists and force is default or False, then a TypeError is raised. If one does not exist then it is registered If one exists, but force == True then the existing plugin is overridden