Source code for flytekit.extras.persistence.s3_awscli

import logging
import os as _os
import re as _re
import string as _string
import time
import typing
from shutil import which as shell_which
from typing import Dict, List, Optional

from flytekit.common.exceptions.user import FlyteUserException
from flytekit.configuration import aws
from flytekit.core.data_persistence import DataPersistence, DataPersistencePlugins
from import subprocess

def _update_cmd_config_and_execute(cmd: List[str]):
    env = _os.environ.copy()

    if aws.ENABLE_DEBUG.get():
        cmd.insert(1, "--debug")

    if aws.S3_ENDPOINT.get() is not None:
        cmd.insert(1, aws.S3_ENDPOINT.get())
        cmd.insert(1, aws.S3_ENDPOINT_ARG_NAME)

    if aws.S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID.get() is not None:
        env[aws.S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID_ENV_NAME] = aws.S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID.get()

    if aws.S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.get() is not None:
        env[aws.S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_ENV_NAME] = aws.S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.get()

    retry = 0
    while True:
            return subprocess.check_call(cmd, env=env)
        except Exception as e:
            logging.error(f"Exception when trying to execute {cmd}, reason: {str(e)}")
            retry += 1
            if retry > aws.RETRIES.get():
            secs = aws.BACKOFF_SECONDS.get()
  "Sleeping before retrying again, after {secs} seconds")
  "Retrying again")

def _extra_args(extra_args: Dict[str, str]) -> List[str]:
    cmd = []
    if "ContentType" in extra_args:
        cmd += ["--content-type", extra_args["ContentType"]]
    if "ContentEncoding" in extra_args:
        cmd += ["--content-encoding", extra_args["ContentEncoding"]]
    if "ACL" in extra_args:
        cmd += ["--acl", extra_args["ACL"]]
    return cmd

[docs]class S3Persistence(DataPersistence): """ DataPersistence plugin for AWS S3 (and Minio). Use aws cli to manage the transfer. The binary needs to be installed separately .. prompt:: pip install awscli """ PROTOCOL = "s3://" _AWS_CLI = "aws" _SHARD_CHARACTERS = [str(x) for x in range(10)] + list(_string.ascii_lowercase) def __init__(self, default_prefix: Optional[str] = None): super().__init__(name="awscli-s3", default_prefix=default_prefix) @staticmethod def _check_binary(): """ Make sure that the AWS cli is present """ if not shell_which(S3Persistence._AWS_CLI): raise FlyteUserException("AWS CLI not found! Please install it with `pip install awscli`.") @staticmethod def _split_s3_path_to_bucket_and_key(path: str) -> typing.Tuple[str, str]: """ splits a valid s3 uri into bucket and key """ path = path[len("s3://") :] first_slash = path.index("/") return path[:first_slash], path[first_slash + 1 :]
[docs] def exists(self, remote_path): """ Given a remote path of the format s3://, checks if the remote file exists """ S3Persistence._check_binary() if not remote_path.startswith("s3://"): raise ValueError("Not an S3 ARN. Please use FQN (S3 ARN) of the format s3://...") bucket, file_path = self._split_s3_path_to_bucket_and_key(remote_path) cmd = [ S3Persistence._AWS_CLI, "s3api", "head-object", "--bucket", bucket, "--key", file_path, ] try: _update_cmd_config_and_execute(cmd) return True except Exception as ex: # The s3api command returns an error if the object does not exist. The error message contains # the http status code: "An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Not Found" # This is a best effort for returning if the object does not exist by searching # for existence of (404) in the error message. This should not be needed when we get off the cli and use lib if"(404)", str(ex)): return False else: raise ex
[docs] def get(self, from_path: str, to_path: str, recursive: bool = False): S3Persistence._check_binary() if not from_path.startswith("s3://"): raise ValueError("Not an S3 ARN. Please use FQN (S3 ARN) of the format s3://...") if recursive: cmd = [S3Persistence._AWS_CLI, "s3", "cp", "--recursive", from_path, to_path] else: cmd = [S3Persistence._AWS_CLI, "s3", "cp", from_path, to_path] return _update_cmd_config_and_execute(cmd)
[docs] def put(self, from_path: str, to_path: str, recursive: bool = False): extra_args = { "ACL": "bucket-owner-full-control", } if not to_path.startswith("s3://"): raise ValueError("Not an S3 ARN. Please use FQN (S3 ARN) of the format s3://...") S3Persistence._check_binary() cmd = [S3Persistence._AWS_CLI, "s3", "cp"] if recursive: cmd += ["--recursive"] cmd.extend(_extra_args(extra_args)) cmd += [from_path, to_path] return _update_cmd_config_and_execute(cmd)
[docs] def construct_path(self, add_protocol: bool, add_prefix: bool, *paths: str) -> str: paths = list(paths) # make type check happy if add_prefix: paths.insert(0, self.default_prefix) path = "/".join(paths) if add_protocol: return f"{self.PROTOCOL}{path}" return path
DataPersistencePlugins.register_plugin(S3Persistence.PROTOCOL, S3Persistence)