flytectl register files

Registers file resources


Registers all the serialized protobuf files including tasks, workflows and launchplans with default v1 version. If there are already registered entities with v1 version then the command will fail immediately on the first such encounter.

bin/flytectl register file  _pb_output/* -d development  -p flytesnacks

Using archive file.Currently supported are .tgz and .tar extension files and can be local or remote file served through http/https. Use –archive flag.

bin/flytectl register files  http://localhost:8080/_pb_output.tar -d development  -p flytesnacks --archive

Using local tgz file.

bin/flytectl register files  _pb_output.tgz -d development  -p flytesnacks --archive

If you want to continue executing registration on other files ignoring the errors including version conflicts then pass in the continueOnError flag.

bin/flytectl register file  _pb_output/* -d development  -p flytesnacks --continueOnError

Using short format of continueOnError flag

bin/flytectl register file  _pb_output/* -d development  -p flytesnacks -c

Overriding the default version v1 using version string.

bin/flytectl register file  _pb_output/* -d development  -p flytesnacks -v v2

Change the o/p format has not effect on registration. The O/p is currently available only in table format.

bin/flytectl register file  _pb_output/* -d development  -p flytesnacks -c -o yaml


flytectl register files [flags]


-a, --archive           pass in archive file either an http link or local path.
-c, --continueOnError   continue on error when registering files.
-h, --help              help for files
-v, --version string    version of the entity to be registered with flyte. (default "v1")

Options inherited from parent commands

    --admin.authorizationHeader string           Custom metadata header to pass JWT
    --admin.authorizationServerUrl string        This is the URL to your IdP's authorization server. It'll default to Endpoint
    --admin.clientId string                      Client ID (default "flytepropeller")
    --admin.clientSecretLocation string          File containing the client secret (default "/etc/secrets/client_secret")
    --admin.endpoint string                      For admin types,  specify where the uri of the service is located.
    --admin.insecure                             Use insecure connection.
    --admin.maxBackoffDelay string               Max delay for grpc backoff (default "8s")
    --admin.maxRetries int                       Max number of gRPC retries (default 4)
    --admin.perRetryTimeout string               gRPC per retry timeout (default "15s")
    --admin.scopes strings                       List of scopes to request
    --admin.tokenUrl string                      OPTIONAL: Your IdP's token endpoint. It'll be discovered from flyte admin's OAuth Metadata endpoint if not provided.
    --admin.useAuth                              Deprecated: Auth will be enabled/disabled based on admin's dynamically discovered information.
    --adminutils.batchSize int                   Maximum number of records to retrieve per call. (default 100)
    --adminutils.maxRecords int                  Maximum number of records to retrieve. (default 500)
    --config string                              config file (default is $HOME/.flyte/config.yaml)
-d, --domain string                              Specifies the Flyte project's domain.
    --logger.formatter.type string               Sets logging format type. (default "json")
    --logger.level int                           Sets the minimum logging level. (default 4)
    --logger.mute                                Mutes all logs regardless of severity. Intended for benchmarks/tests only.                         Includes source code location in logs.
-o, --output string                              Specifies the output type - supported formats [TABLE JSON YAML] (default "TABLE")
-p, --project string                             Specifies the Flyte project.
    --root.domain string                         Specified the domain to work on.
    --root.output string                         Specified the output type.
    --root.project string                        Specifies the project to work on.
    --storage.cache.max_size_mbs int             Maximum size of the cache where the Blob store data is cached in-memory. If not specified or set to 0,  cache is not used
    --storage.cache.target_gc_percent int        Sets the garbage collection target percentage.
    --storage.connection.access-key string       Access key to use. Only required when authtype is set to accesskey.
    --storage.connection.auth-type string        Auth Type to use [iam, accesskey]. (default "iam")
    --storage.connection.disable-ssl             Disables SSL connection. Should only be used for development.
    --storage.connection.endpoint string         URL for storage client to connect to.
    --storage.connection.region string           Region to connect to. (default "us-east-1")
    --storage.connection.secret-key string       Secret to use when accesskey is set.
    --storage.container string                   Initial container to create -if it doesn't exist-.'
    --storage.defaultHttpClient.timeout string   Sets time out on the http client. (default "0s")
    --storage.enable-multicontainer              If this is true,  then the container argument is overlooked and redundant. This config will automatically open new connections to new containers/buckets as they are encountered
    --storage.limits.maxDownloadMBs int          Maximum allowed download size (in MBs) per call. (default 2)
    --storage.type string                        Sets the type of storage to configure [s3/minio/local/mem/stow]. (default "s3")


  • flytectl register - Registers tasks/workflows/launchplans from list of generated serialized files.