Flytectl Reference


Flytectl is a Golang binary and can be installed on any platform supported by golang

brew install flyteorg/homebrew-tap/flytectl

Upgrade existing installation using the following command:

brew update && brew upgrade flytectl

Test if Flytectl is installed correctly (your Flytectl version should be > 0.2.0) using the following command:

flytectl version


Flytectl allows configuring using a YAML file or pass every configuration value on command-line. The following configuration is useful to setup.

Basic Configuration

Flytectl configuration

Automatically configured for you by flytectl sandbox command.

  # For GRPC endpoints you might want to use dns:///
  endpoint: dns:///localhost:30081
  insecure: false # insecure: True # Set to true if the endpoint isn't accessible through TLS/SSL connection (not recommended except on local sandbox deployment)
  authType: Pkce # authType: Pkce # if using authentication or just drop this.
    access-key: minio
    auth-type: accesskey
    disable-ssl: true
    endpoint: http://localhost:30084
    region: my-region-here
    secret-key: miniostorage
  container: my-s3-bucket
  type: minio