Flyte Cookbook

Flytesnacks is intended to be a learn by example style cookbook. We cover all the various concepts in Flyte along with most of the maintained plugins. This cookbook is designed to get you running both locally, and on a Flyte cluster using Flyte Python SDK (flytekit)

All the examples in this book are executable locally and we recommend the best way to try out Flyte is to run these examples in your terminal or IDE. If you have access to a whole Flyte platform deployment, this cookbook can also be used as a fully functional workflow repo.

The tutorial is divided into 3 sections:

For more details on Flyte refer to the Homepage. For documentation on how to install, configure, administer Flyte, please refer to the platform documentation

Please report bugs, suggestions, or comments by creating a GitHub issue or just by opening a PR against this or any Flyte repo. It is our hope new contributors find the community welcoming!

Please join our Slack channel as well through this form.

Additional Flyte Documentation

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