Cluster Deployment#

The guides in this section are geared towards those who have found the limits of the small scale single-container version of Flyte, and are looking to deploy it as a platform on a cloud provider (or an equivalent on-premise Kubernetes solution). The following pages will help you effectively deploy and manage an enterprise-ready Flyte platform.

A high-level look into the Flyte components that we’ll need to move around.

A stand-alone minimal environment for running a Flyte backend.


Deployment guides with detailed instructions specific to AWS.


Deployment guides with detailed instructions specific to GCP.

Detailed instructions on multiple clusters’ setup.

How to set up a plugin for your deployment.

Flyte comes with a lot of things you can configure. These pages will walk you through the various components.

Understand Flyte’s security model.

An example use case leveraging DevOps practices to run Flyte pipelines.