Using AWS EKS to host Flyte



  • Flyte needs a prefix in an AWS S3 bucket to store all its metadata. This is where the data about executions, workflows, tasks is stored - this S3 bucket/prefix should be accessible to all FlytePropeller, FlyteAdmin, Datacatalog and running executions (user pods)

  • FlyteAdmin can use any RDBMS database but we recommend Postgres. At scale we have used AWS Aurora

  • Datacatalog also uses a postgres database similar to admin. They both could share the same physical instance, but prefer to have 2 logically separate databases

  • If you want to use AWS IAM role for SeviceAccounts, then you have to manage the provisioning of the service account and providing it to Flyte at the time of execution

  • For secrets, you can use Vault, Kube secrets etc, we are working on getting first class support for this

Illustration of setting up Flyte Cluster in a single AWS EKS (or any K8s cluster on AWS)