How do I execute a single task?

What are single task executions?

Tasks are the most atomic unit of execution in Flyte. Although workflows are traditionally composed of multiple tasks with dependencies defined by shared inputs and outputs it can be helpful to execute a single task during the process of iterating on its definition. It can be tedious to write a new workflow definition every time you want to excecute a single task under development but single task executions can be used to easily iterate on task logic.

Launch a single task

After you’ve built an image with your updated task code, create an execution using launch:

def my_task(wf_params, plant, out)

my_single_task_execution = my_task.launch(project="my_flyte_project", domain="development", inputs={'plant': 'ficus'})
print("Created {}".format(

Just like workflow executions, you can optionally pass a user-defined name, labels, annotations, and/or notifications when launching a single task.

The type of my_single_task_execution is SdkWorkflowExecution and has the full set of methods and functionality available for conventional WorkflowExecutions.

Fetch and launch a single task

Single task executions aren’t limited to just tasks you’ve defined in your code. You can reference previously registered tasks and launch a single task execution like so:

from flytekit.common.tasks import task as _task

my_task = _task.SdkTask.fetch("my_flyte_project", "production", "workflows.my_task", "abc123")  # project, domain, name, version

my_task_exec = my_task.launch(project="my_other_project", domain="development", inputs={'plant': 'philodendron'})

Launch a single task from the commandline

Previously registered tasks can also be launched from the command-line using flyte-cli

$ flyte-cli -h -p my_flyte_project -d development launch-task \
    -u tsk:my_flyte_project:production:my_complicated_task:abc123 -- an_input=hi \
    other_input=123 more_input=qwerty

Monitoring single task executions in the Flyte console

Single task executions don’t yet have native support in the Flyte console but they’re accessible using the same URLs as ordinary workflow executions.

For example, for a console hosted you can visit<my_project>/domains/<my_domain>/executions/<execution_name> to track the progress of your execution. Log links and status changes will be available as your execution progresses.

Registering and launching a single task

A certain category of tasks don’t rely on custom containers with registered images to run. Therefore, you may find it convenient to use register_and_launch on a task definition to immediately launch a single task execution, like so:

containerless_task = SdkPrestoTask(
    task_inputs=inputs(ds=Types.String, count=Types.Integer, rg=Types.String),
    statement="SELECT * FROM flyte.widgets WHERE ds = '{{ .Inputs.ds}}' LIMIT {{ .Inputs.count}}",
    output_schema=Types.Schema([("a", Types.String), ("b", Types.Integer)]),
    routing_group="{{ .Inputs.rg }}",

my_single_task_execution = containerless_task.register_and_launch(project="my_flyte_project", domain="development",
    inputs={'ds': '2020-02-29', 'count': 10, 'rg': 'my_routing_group'})